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Welcome to Climate Girl!

My goal for this website is to communicate different issues about the environment, in particular climate change, climate justice, sustainability and ecology to youth around the world.

I became really interested in the environment when I was about six years old, I am now 19.

Climate Girl is focussed on solutions, a catalyst for change, politically neutral, passionate, optimistic, realistic and most importantly educational. My aim for Climate Girl is to inspire, engage, and activate individuals (children and youth), communities and schools to become agents of change.

Climate Girl was launched in May 2009 because I want to have a clean sustainable future for my generation and for the generations that will follow. I want to see our planets natural capital replenished instead of seeing it continuing down its current path of irreplaceable damage, losing precious ecosytems and pushing animals to extiction. The planets biodiversity is precious because that is how we (all life) are connected, so it is vital that we protect it.


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Miranda Andersen is 15 years old from Canada. She is an environmental film maker, artist, public speaker and an environmental advocate. Here is her story.


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