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Welcome to Climate Girl!

My goal for this website is to communicate different issues about the environment, in particular climate change and ecology to kids around the world. I became really interested in the environment when I was about six years old, I am now 17.

Climate Girl is focussed on solutions, a catalyst for change, politically neutral, passionate, optimistic, realistic and most importantly educational. My aim for Climate Girl is to inspire, engage, and activate individuals (children and youth), communities and schools to become agents of change.

Climate Girl was launched in May 2009 because I want to have a clean sustainable future for my generation and for the generations that will follow. I want to see our planets natural capital replenished instead of seeing it continuing down its current path of irreplaceable damage, losing precious ecosytems and pushing animals to extiction. The planets biodiversity is precious because that is how we (all life) are connected, so it is vital that we protect it. I am interested in system changes, moving from linear systems to closed loop systems. Closed loop system exist in nature therefore waste does not exist in nature. I am interested in Biomimicry - looking to nature to inspire solutions for out planets environmental issues. I am passionate about environmental education and passsionate about education for kids in developing countries becuase without an education they will not be able to break the poverty cycle.

I am passionate about our oceans and marine life. I have grown up surfing the local breaks and sometimes sharing the waves with a pod of doplhins which is amazing! Two facts that keep me motivated to take action to protect our oceans are one, in some parts of the ocean there is more plastic than plankton and two, the first plastic ever made is still in existance today. Our marine life face serious issues because of climate change and because of the waste that ends up in our oceans.

I spend most my time in the great outdoors and I also like to make documentaries. My production company is called Munchkin Productions. When I was 10 years old I came up with the idea of using film to teach kids about about the environment and climate change. I decided to use film as a way of communicating to other kids about what they can do in their own lives that will help the environment. On my travels for my environment work I always take the opportunity to interview kids on their thoughts about the environment and how it will affect their future, or if it has already. The film above "Chidlren of the World and Climate Change" is a collection of statements from kids from around the world about their thoughts on climate change. I put this short documenatry together for WWF's People's Orb that travelled to Copenhagen for the Climate Change Conference in December 2009. I, along with the Lord Mayor of Sydney were the first custodians of the Orb.

I wrote a blog about all different things about the enviornment for the Australian Museum Sydney, here is the link: 

As I go on adventures with my environment work I will share what I have learnt with you so that together we become well informed adults that can tackle the environmental issues we will unfortunately inherit. Together we can make a difference!

Have a look around the site and send me an email about what you think or have a suggestion on what I could include that will interest other kids. I will try to share some of your thoughts on the website too.

It is fun learning about the environment and the more you learn about it I hope the more you will do to help protect it!